#MadeRight for Amartha

#MadeRight for Amartha

We’re excited to share our collaboration with Amartha, an Indonesian microfinance marketplace that allows anyone to invest in impact-driven Small and Medium Enterprises.

Their campaign #KebaikanBerkelanjutan speaks to their belief that each investment enables the positivity of spreading kindness. Kindness through the provision of opportunities to the Ibus, and also through the provision of financial support to women partners of Amartha.

From June 26th until July 26th, 2023, every investment made on Amartha's platform will receive the signature ANGKASA Scarf from SukkhaCitta.

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In addition to the gift with purchase, our collaboration with Amartha resulted in a very engaging community gathering between customers and lenders.

Accompanying the lovely dinner event was a brief sharing session by our Co-founder and CSO Bertram Flesch and Amartha’s CRSO Aria Widyanto. They both shared the impact that their businesses have created for women in the community – in our case, our Ibus, and in Amartha’s case the women micro entrepreneurs.

Several key learnings can be taken:

1️⃣ Driving good force in business creates a multiplier effect. This means that when the intention is pure and right, people will believe and support the mission – where scaleable impacts can then be observed.

2️⃣ Never forget your roots when wanting to create impact. Take your surroundings and leverage that to create positive impacts. On this point, the two speakers shared several case studies with respect to their businesses.

SukkhaCitta & Amartha gathering night

On that same night, we were also pleased to host our very first auction – the very first one in SukkhaCitta history! All the proceeds will go to fund our existing programs and trainings in Rumah SukkhaCitta Foundation.

The auctioned item was The Flower of Life artwork, which represents the life-giving alchemy of the Universe. It is a textile artwork that combines hand-drawn batik over hand woven fabric, with rich natural dye artistry. The artwork now belongs to one generous bidder from the event, and we’re excited for this meaningful piece to have a new home.

We’re even more excited to improve our programs to aid our artisans better. We believe that the provision of access will impact their lives greatly, as this gives them greater opportunity to thrive in their own right. You can support a cause you believe in by visiting the Rumah SukkhaCitta Foundation website.


Interested to collaborate by doing something similar? Reach us out by contacting info@maderightsupply.com.

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