About Us

#MadeRight by SukkhaCitta is an innovative materials company crafting Fabrics of Change.

Our journey began when our founder, Denica Riadini-Flesch, created SukkhaCitta in 2016. Since then, the social enterprise has pioneered quality and international recognition in their efforts building one of the world's first farm-to-closet supply chains.

As the journey progresses, the team felt the need to invite others to be part of the movement. Making it easy for others to join the mission by choosing regenerative materials that uphold our highest #MadeRight standards. A platform that democratizes our values.

And so, #MadeRight by SukkhaCitta was born. Customizing our solutions to support the efforts of brands and the fashion industry to reduce their emissions and meet their climate and sustainability targets.

Our Low Carbon Process

We believe how and why something was made matters. Our work begins with agroforestry, where we work with smallholder farmers to add second livelihoods stream by introducing complementary fibres and dyes in their existing gardens.

After harvest, local cooperatives in the village itself collaborate to process the plants into materials. Using heritage techniques that mostly uses no electricity, ensuring our materials have the lowest carbon footprint possible. 


Our Plant Dyes


All of our colors are naturally dyed with natural mordants using plants grown in agroforestry across the Archipelago. Powered by the sun, the wind and the rain. Preventing toxic chemicals from our rivers while regenerating Nature through our extensive regenerative farming initiatives.


Our Tailored Solutions


We work hard so you can feel at ease knowing that your materials reflect your values. Each of our custom offerings begin with a conversations. Together, turning your ideas into reality. Turning creativity into quality, both in the products we create and the lives of those who make them.

Working from farm-to-closet, we create social impact by creating fair work in rural areas, while helping smallholder farmers switch to agroforestry farming. Creating lasting change that benefit those who grow and make our materials.

#MadeRight for BUAISOU: Handspun and Handwoven raw cotton fabric became the canvas of their Japanese Indigo dye. A collaboration spanning traditions to champion rural artisanship.

#MadeRight for the German Embassy: Handwoven Ikat Chambray fabric became their official merchandise for international guests. Showcasing the best of partnerships that create lasting positive impact.