#MadeRight for Buaisou Japan

#MadeRight for Buaisou Japan

From Java to Japan: Connected by the spirit of #MadeRight, our master weavers customized a very special handspun and handwoven fabric as a canvas for BUAISOU Japanese Indigo dye craft.

Each features a very special construction, almost denim like, which took 1 day just to weave 1 metre. The fabric is woven manually by hand, using a wooden loom without any electricity.

The result is a beautiful texture that speaks of decades of experience. Raw and tactile ocean of threads that cannot be replicated with machine.

Afterwards, these masterpieces were drawn and dyed using the authentic Japanese Sukumo Indigo that is grown in their farm in Tokushima province. Creating one-of-a-kind collaboration that honors all the hands and the Planet.

#MadeRight Indigo for Buaisou Japan
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