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Regenerative Heirloom Cotton Threads - Light Indigo

Regenerative Heirloom Cotton Threads - Light Indigo

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3 times dip-dyed Indigo yarn from 100% regenerative cotton, displaying a natural light blue hue. The natural dye process is powered by the sun, rain, wind, and hands of the people behind the craft. Taking weeks to craft, for your design needs.

Sold in bundles, with a minimum purchase of five pieces in a bundle. Just enough to knit a scarf, a hat, and/or any other piece of accessories for your needs. 


WEIGHT | 200 gram (per piece)
CRAFT | Spinning & natural dye
PRODUCTION DURATION | Roughly 6 months

PLANT DYE Indigofera tinctoria
COMPOSITION | 100% regenerative cotton

SOURCE | Made in Indonesia


Generally, we recommend hand washing in cold water. While dry cleaning is a safe option, hand-washing reduces energy use, is better for the environment, and also prolongs their life.

  • Hand wash dyed handwoven regenerative cotton to avoid color fading.
  • Avoid soaking naturally dyed fabric for longer than three minutes.

* Sample available, please contact our Customer Care
** For bulk purchase contact us for inquiries at

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